Corporate services: Seminars, Workshops and Advice for Parents

Here at Fundamentally Children, we offer a wide range of Corporate Services to our clients, helping you to support working parents within your organisation.

We have a real understanding of the issues that families and organisations face today, which is why our Child Development Experts are able to devise and deliver services that are tailor-made to suit your needs and wants.

Our Corporate Services have been well received and we have supported many established corporate organisations including; PWC, Deutsche Bank and Credit Suisse, as well as various schools and government bodies across the country.

If you require assistance and advice that will help support the parents within you organisation, please feel free to get in touch with us today!



Our Unique Approach

We offer a range of parenting support that resonates with working parents from all walks of life. As the workshops are based on a theoretical model, we are able to adapt the sessions to suit your audience and time frame.

  • Our unique approach gives working parents information in a practical, accessible manner and the flexibility of the support enables organisations to tailor the programmes to maximise their impact for working.
  • We are dedicated to improving children’s lives by empowering parents and supporting family-friendly organisations.
  • We pride ourselves on our professionalism, enthusiasm, commitment, integrity and flexibility.
  • Our parenting programme provides parents from all walks of life with information, advice and support to make informed choices about their families.
  • The parenting programme is specifically designed to support working parents

Because the Parenting Programme is based on a theoretical model, all support is flexible and can be tailored to meet your needs.

Managing change, children, anxiety, life events

Seminars and Workshops

We offer seminars, workshops, tip sheets, articles and other information on the following topics. All sessions can be tailored to suit your audience and time frame:

  • Parenting Advice
    • Choosing Childcare.
    • Choosing toys for children.
    • Extra Curricular Activities.
    • Stress Triggers for Parents.
    • Work-life balance – the Parent-Centred Parenting approach.
    • How to Balance your Child’s Play Diet.lucy-and-amanda-speaking-at-seminar


  • Tech for the family
    • Cyber bullying and ‘Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital World’.
    • Choosing apps for children
    • Tablets for Children: Choosing, Managing and Safety.
    • Are Apps and technology good for children.
    • Should my child use Social Media.


  • Child Development
    • What Happens When.
    • Anxiety and children’s mental health.
    • The importance of social development .
    • The Power of Play.


Seminars: Typically 1 hour sessions – great for introducing a topic to a large number of parents.

Workshops: Groups of 6-16 people in a more interactive, discussion based format allowing people to really tailor the advice to their own needs and family lives. These can be run as individual 2 hour sessions on any of the seminar topics, or combined to make a more comprehensive package.

Email and telephone support: A personalised service offering support via email and/or telephone to parents who have attended either a workshop or seminar.

Articles, tip sheets and guides from experts: On a regular or one-off basis we offer articles, tip sheets and other information aimed at working parents to be circulated via intranets, company newsletters or otherwise.

All  topics can also be delivered as seminars or interactive workshops, please contact us to discuss your requirements. For more detailed information on the seminar topics please see our seminars and workshop page.




Take advantage our range of services Fundamentally Children can offer your company and staff. Our focus is to offer Independent, Expert advice to working parents and supporting a healthy child development. A few of our services that are offered to our corporate clients include:

  • Regular or one off articles for Intranet or Newsletters written by our experts.
  • Help for companies enabling them to meet their diversity requirements and embrace family friendly working practices.
  • Information on child development for organisations, whom provide products or services aimed at the child or family market.
  • Staff training and child development advice.


Amanda Gummer talks to parent

“Amanda has a unique outlook on the role of parents that helps to release them from the pressures and guilt of what they SHOULD so and allow them to enjoy the mundane day to day aspects of family life. Both her background in child development and experience as a mother informs her work and gives her empathy for parents. She is a pleasure to work with”.

Kerri Summers, The Parent Company

Please contact us for any further information on how we can help your company.