Child development – seminars and workshops

What happens when

Key milestones in the first 5 years.
Children don’t come with a manual and yet parents are expected to know what is supposed to happen at each stage of development. This session: helps parents understand more about key
milestones and how to support their child’s development without becoming ‘pushy parents’ thus increasing parents’ confidence and reducing anxiety.


Anxiety and children’s mental health

Increasing numbers of children are being diagnosed with anxiety and depression with over 80% of adult mental health issues starting before a child turns 15. Support for children’s mental health is sporadic but there is a lot that parents can do at home to support their children’s emotional development and help protect them against many of the increasingly common conditions.

This session: focuses on helping parents recognise early signs of anxiety and other mental health issues and provide advice on protective behaviours and signposts sources of additional support

The importance of social development

No more hot housing! Many parents believe that teaching children to read, write or count is the best way to prepare children for school – It’s not! Social development is a critical factor, and a child’s social ability as they enter school is a strong predictor of their academic achievements at 16+.

This session: demonstrates the importance of social development and gives parents play ideas and practical advice to encourage children’s social skills.

The Power of Play

Play is what children do. Harnessing the power of play can reduce stress, promote children’s development and enhance social interaction and academic achievement is the best and most enjoyable way to manage your family life.

This session: looks at the different types of play and helps parents understand and implement a balanced play diet