Parenting advice – seminars and workshops

Choosing childcare

Understanding the pros and cons of the various childcare options can help parents feel more in control of their deci- sion to return to work.
This session: helps parents to make informed decisions that are right for their individual family. Our practical advice on questions to ask prospective childcare professionals and tips on how to manage the transition into childcare take the guess work out of choosing childcare.


Choosing Toys for Children

Pester power is a nightmare for parents. How do you know whether this year’s ‘must have’ toy is suitable for your child? What if your child has special needs or particular interests? How do you find toys that will help with a subject at school?

This session: helps parents understand what to look for when choosing toys and gives useful tips on how to research the toys and try before they buy to ensure toys don’t end up being.

Extra Curricular Activities

The pros and cons.

From ballet to boxing, music to mandarin, there are after school clubs for almost everything imaginable, but how much of this is reasonable and can children have too much of a good thing? This session: encourages parents to take a step back and look at the needs of the whole family when assessing the value of extra-curricular activites.

Stress Triggers for Parents

Parents of preschool children often tell us they have times of the day that they dread. These common flash points can make every day seem like a struggle.

This session: includes easy to implement tips as well as an under- standing of the child’s perspective and has been described as a ‘life-saver’!

Work-Life Balance 

Bye Bye Martyr mum and do it all dad. We have news for you – the best thing you can do for your children is to be a healthy, happy role model. Well-respected research finally gives parents the insight to regain their balance in life and the reassurance that by doing so, they will be benefitting their children.

This session: briefly explains some key theories of child develop- ment and shows how by looking after their own needs, parents are better able to function in all areas of their life.


How To Balance Your Child’s Play Diet

‘I want I want I want’

‘But EVERYONE else has one’

‘But WHY not?’

These all-too-familiar refrains are enough to drive anyone to distraction. This session: takes a refreshingly pragmatic view on pester power and encour- ages parents to pick their battles. We give parents tips on how to respond to children’s repeated requests as well as an understanding of children’s developing sense of identity and desire to belong.