Tech for the family – seminars and workshops

Choosing apps for children

With an ever increasing number of apps targeted at children on the market it can be incredibly hard for parents to know what to get for their children. Parents would rather their children were learning and developing as they play rather than focusing on low quality games with no educational value – but how do you go about finding such apps, particularly ones that your children will enjoy and want to play?

This session: gives parents advice to help them to decide on the sort of apps that will most benefit your specific child, and tips on how to find, choose and manage the best apps for your family.


Cyber bullying and ‘Keeping Kids Safe in a Digital World’

In an increasingly digital world, parents often feel left behind by their children’s technology. It is very difficult to manage something you don’t understand, but the digital world does have dangers that children need help with.
This session: provides parents with a basic understanding of eSaftey. It then moves on to look at social media, cyber bullying and gives parents practical, non-techy advice on keeping children safe online.


Tablets for Children: Choosing, Managing and Safety

Today’s children are ‘digital natives’ often starting to use apps and website from an early age. This can be a daunting new world for parents to navigate from choosing what to allow children to use when to ever increasing concerns about online safety.

This session: helps parents understand the issues better, allowing them to choose and manage tablets and other technology for children, as well as providing practical advice on eSafety concerns and screen time management. Parents leave this session feeling empowered to make informed decisions about their children’s engagement with technology.


Are Apps and technology good for children

There are almost as many articles in the press about how valuable technology can be for children as those that tell us how dangerous they are. This leaves parents entirely confused about what to do for the best.

This session: cuts through the headlines to give you a clear and simple picture of both the concerns and benefits of technology and screen time for children. It helps parents to decide what is best for their situation and provides advice on how to limit screen time, balance your child’s play diet and optimise the benefits of time on tablets/mobiles/apps ensuring your child is best prepared for a world full of technology.

Should my child use Social Media

Deciding when to allow your child to use social media is only the start. Then there is the issue of which platforms – is snapchat safer than Instagram? Most importantly, how do you teach your child about the risks of social media and help them learn to use it responsibly.

This session: helps parents understand the developmental abilities needed for children to be able to cope with social media interactions, reviews the different social media platforms and gives parents tips on how to communicate with their children about it.