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What is the Parent Centred Parenting Model?

An Introduction to Parent Centred Parenting

These days there is a myriad of parenting strategies to choose between. Dr. Amanda Gummer describes the philosophy of the Parent Centred Parenting model and explains that it can fit into any family. 


What does the Parent Centred Parenting model mean for me?

The beauty of this Parenting Model is that it fits every family and can be adapted to your own personal circumstances. There is no list of rules, no rigid information on what to do and what not to do. Instead the model:

  • Actively encourages parents to ask for help and empowers parents to understand their own unique family situation and work towards a better future together.
  • Shows that choosing to be a great role model is the best thing a parent can do as their child grows.
  • Advises leading by example to show children where to aim for in terms of health, fulfilment and development.
  • Means that children can develop at their own pace in a nurturing but not overbearing environment.

As a result of this, children will learn to respect their parents as individuals whilst being confident they will be there for them when needed. It is not about neglecting a child’s needs, more that by meeting their own mental, emotional and physical needs too, parents will be better equipped. Through this a child can be supported in their development and encouraged to reach their potential without strict teaching or forced goals.

Why does the Parent Centred Parenting model work?

Using the most up to date research into child development, parent centred parenting offers solutions to parenting issues that may arise whilst maintaining that each family is unique.

A child’s development cannot be rushed and thus the model allows a child to develop well, in a way that suits their individual requirements. Teaching parents not to force their child down a particular developmental path or to place too much emphasis on specific learning is beneficial.

Parent centred parenting shows parents how to do the best for their family and that by being good role models, their children will grow up to be respectable, well rounded members of society.


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