Play Advice Articles

Here are a range of articles covering play advice in the media by Dr Amanda Gummer:



15th May 2015


Play: The Laid-Back Parents’ Guide

Dr Amanda Gummer’s debut book, Play, is the highlight of this article where Dr Gummer discusses the importance of play and the beneficial skills that children inherit and develop through active play.




4th May 2015


Play comes first for today’s Dads

Dr Amanda Gummer highlights the importance of outdoor play and why children and dads alike prefer this type of play.




16th April 2015



The Importance of Game-Playing for all the Family

Dr Gummer shares her thoughts on why playing games is beneficial for families who play together and what children can learn from playing in a group

Family playing board game at home



4th Nov 2014


Playing Serious (page 52)

Dr Gummer explains why Play is serious play is no longer an Oxymoron




10th July 2014


What makes a ‘Healthy’ Play Diet? 

Dr Gummer discusses the importance of a healthy, balanced play diet for Children the benefits that arise from this.




22nd May 2014


Dr Amanda Gummer on Boredom 

Dr Gummer explains why boredom can be beneficial for children




 May 2014


The Secret to a Successful Life?

Dr Gummer reveals how Imagination is vital to a child’s development