Mary Poppins – Turning Jobs Into Games

Children need to learn personal and social responsibility in order to function successfully in society, but that doesn’t mean that tidying your bedroom has to be a chore! These play ideas help children learn the important skills that they will need to be independent and responsible adults, but in a fun way that they may well carry on into their grown up lives. Bringing fun into these chores is great for the family as a whole, and no-one likes nagging or getting cross with children who haven’t done what they’ve been asked. By making the jobs fun, the stress levels in the home will be reduced and you’ll find you’ve all got more time to enjoy being a family.

By taking a playful approach to chores, children are able to develop strategies to help them cope with things they don’t enjoy at school or in life, whilst learning to be considerate, respectful, responsible and helpful. Here are some of our favourite ‘Mary Poppins’ play ideas.

If you have any ideas you’d like to see added to this list, please let us know by emailing theteam@goodplayguide.com