Remote Controlled Toys

Remote control toys are available in all shapes and sizes; monster trucks, trains, cars, fairies and animals. Not only are they great for  a wide range of ages, including adults, but also appeal to both boys and girls.

The controls are good for development of gross and fine motor control and help improve co-ordination and spatial awareness.  Playing with others encourages children to share and take turns and active play encourages healthy life styles and improves fitness.

Playing with remote control toys can spark the imagination and help children understand concepts such as cause and effect.  Some remote control toys need to be built from scratch, teaching children to follow instructions (improving literacy skills). Mastery of a skill improves confidence and the remote controlled toys often take a bit of time to get the hang of, thus improving concentration and perseverance  and a sense of achievement. Try not to rush in too quickly when the child crashes the toy, as they will benefit from learning how it works themselves.  To avoid accidents, make sure there is plenty of space to try out the remote controlled toy and encourage your child to try simple moves before attempting the stunts.


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