Retailer Of The Month – September 2015

Of The Month

Founded by Alicia Peyrano, Little Citizens Boutique has been selected as the Good Toy Guide’s Retailer of the Month for September 2015 due to their ideas, ethics and lovely ethos towards promoting PLAY to children in a fun, traditional and diverse way. Unknown-8

Little Citizens Boutique brings you the best designs from around the world the best designs from around the world to children everywhere, seeking out both independent and small labels from Paris and Hong Kong to the more well known brands that children and parents recognise here in the UK.

StockUnknown-1ing a wide selection of toys that meet organic and fair trade standards allows children and parents to buy products that not only provide plenty of fun but also promotes their environmental values.

“Our fair trade ethic means your purchase is helping to sustain the livelihood of a creative person somewhere in the world. This is craftsmanship of the highestgrade and materials that are a delight and sumptuous to the touch.” Alicia Peyrano

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