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24-Hour Number Line Clock


A hands-on teaching clock that lets children explore time and see for themselves how telling time on a clock is just like using a number line.


Skill Development:
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Ages: 6 – 8 years

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A clock is just a circular number line. Once children understand this, learning to tell the time becomes easier. The innovative 24-Hour Number Line Clock teaching clock helps children learn time by physically transforming a number line onto a clock face.

Durable plastic teaching clock comprises a base, removable clock face number lines and removable hands (red for hours and blue for minutes).
From Learning Resources, the Number line clock faces comprise hour face numbered 1-12, hour face featuring both 12- and 24-hour numerals, and minute face numbered in five-minute intervals from 0-60.
To use, children physically convert the hour and minute number lines into a round clock face and place those on the clock base. This visual and physical representation of time helps them understand telling time.
Also available as a Magnetic Demonstration Set for teaching.
This innovative learning clock comes with a Getting Started activity guide and four activities.
Single student clock measures 12cm H x 11cm W.
Features multilingual packaging and guide.

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Weight0.114 kg
Dimensions127 × 114 × 30 mm

What our testers said

“This bit is good, it has numbers to help me.” Girl aged 5

“This is really easy to tell the time.” Girl aged 9

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