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Busy Sports Day


Push, pull and slide the tabs to take part in the Busy Sports Day!


Age: 2-5 years

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Pass the baton, toss a bean bag and keep your egg on the spoon, before collecting a medal at the end of the day.

Young children will love playing with this bright and colourful board book with gentle rhyming text and wonderful illustrations by Louise Forshaw, which is part of the popular Busy Book series.

What our testers said

“They are catching the bean bag.” – Boy aged 3 

“They’ve really developed their books, the pictures look fuller and the tabs really accentuate the pages and make the page more exciting as the tab is lifted.” – Teacher 

What our experts think

The colour, detail and interactive features in Busy Sports Day makes it a great book for encouraging little ones to develop an interest in reading. As children push, pull and slide the tabs, they reveal different parts of the scene which help to encourage discussion and learning. 

Describing what is happening in the story and what has changed from scene to scene is a great way of developing observation and language skills and is an important part of reading comprehension. Moving the tabs also helps children to explore cause and effect, as they observe what is happening as a result of their actions, for example, children in the scene receiving medals. 

Skills developed

– Encourages interest in reading

– Fosters curiosity and observation skills

– Helps children practice language and comprehension skills