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Cody Block


Learning computational skills in the early years is essential, and Cody makes it fun, playful, and hands-on!


Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 3+

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Inspired by the Montessori method, Cody Block teaches kids to think like a programmer: being introduced to principles of debugging and sequencing through physical play. Children go on adventures by helping Cody find his way home, and change his direction in response to the arrangement of blocks.
Cody Block provides a magical experience and hours of play. It builds fine motor skills and promotes critical thinking, creativity, spatial awareness and resilience.

Start your first coding adventure, drive Cody through the cityscape, one block at a time!

What our testers said

“I am ready to make my own path now.”  – Boy aged 8.

He’s moving mommy! Ok Cody, I am helping you find your way home, friend.” – Boy aged 4.

What our experts said

Children were curious about Cody Block once they saw the packaging and wanted to play with it immediately.
Children were eager to learn all the capabilities of the Cody Block. The children particularly enjoyed creating their paths, having Cody do “silly” movements (repeats and infinite loops were a hit), and exploring different surfaces he could move on.

The toy comes with the “Cody’s City Guide”, which contains easy-to-follow written and illustrated instructions with a storyline. Adults are encouraged to read the story to the children depending on their age.

Overall, our testers found Cody Block very engaging and durable. This amazing STEAM toy is great for promoting language, logical thinking, creativity, an perseverance.

Skills developed

– Promotes speech and language development

– Supports creativity

– Helps with cognitive development