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CONNETIX 24 Piece Clear Shape Expansion Pack


Connetix 24pc Clear Shape Expansion Pack is a magnetic construction set with 6 different shaped colourless plastic tiles for children to play with.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Unleash the power of imagination with the CONNETIX 24 Piece Clear Shape Expansion Pack — a magnetic marvel that opens up a world of endless possibilities for young builders. Dive into a universe of creativity, design, and hands-on STEAM learning with this dazzling set of magnetic tiles.

Featuring a mesmerising array of shapes, including large triangles, quarter circles, pentagons, trapezoids, and rhombi, in captivating clear hues, this expansion pack takes building to a whole new level. The transparent brilliance adds a touch of magic to every creation, turning playtime into an exploration of design, trigonometry, and geometry.

The Shape Expansion Pack is not just a toy; it’s an educational tool that sparks curiosity and fuels a passion for learning. Watch as your child engages in open-ended play, discovering the principles of science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics in an intuitive, hands-on way.

Enhance building possibilities with this expansion pack, as little architects design structures, explore spatial relationships, and bring their visions to life. The clear shapes add an extra layer of excitement to every masterpiece, creating a sense of wonder and accomplishment.

Curious minds rejoice! Explore the complete range with other expansion packs, including the CONNETIX 36 Piece Rainbow Shape Expansion Pack and the CONNETIX 48 Piece Pastel Shape Expansion Pack. Mix and match to amplify the fun and keep the building adventures going.

Unlock the magic of clear shapes and limitless creativity with the CONNETIX 24 Piece Clear Shape Expansion Pack — because the best toys don’t just entertain; they inspire, educate, and pave the way for a brighter future. Let the magnetic adventure begin!


What our testers said

“They make good windows.” – Boy aged 11, using the clear tiles.

“It’s two tents. Let’s put people in.” – Girl aged 5 using triangle tiles.

What our experts think

The children were intrigued by the clear colourless shapes. Some started by copying the design ideas on the front of the box, while others were more confident to get working on their own designs straight away. Many children decided to work together, and enjoyed coming up with ideas and creating as a team. Those who had played with Connetix before commented how the lack of colour helped them to see into and through the shapes and structures they made. They were keen to start playing immediately and experimented with the different shapes, working out how the pieces connected together and using trial and error to find shapes that fitted together to make their designs. Once 3D structures were made, such as a chair, a tent, a treehouse, they extended their play by introducing small play figures to interact with their creations.

The set was particularly beneficial for introducing some of the younger testers to shapes they weren’t yet familiar with, such as pentagons and quadrants, and as they played, they discovered how piecing together certain shapes created new shapes, eg. four quadrants make a circle.

Fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills were put into practice as the children played. The magnets were strong enough to keep the 3D structures upright, however when pieces did come away, the children persevered with rebuilding their design or tried different ways of piecing the tiles together to make the structure more stable. They needed no adult support to play with the set, were engaged for prolonged periods of time, and were reluctant to stop playing. No gender biases were observed on the packaging.

Skills developed

– Promotes fine motor and hand-eye coordination.

– Supports early Maths skills such as shape recognition.

– Encourages imagination and creativity.

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