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Science Mad 40mm Astronomical Telescope


An ideal first telescope for young astronomers.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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The 40mm Astronomical Telescope is a great introduction to the moon and stars.
View the night sky or animals and scenery with the dual eyepieces.
Supplied with 10 and 20mm eyepieces, a diagonal mirror and aluminium tripod.
Features a focal length of 500mm, with magnification of 25 and 50X.
Contents: 1 x telescope; 10mm and 20mm eyepieces, aluminium tripod; diagonal mirror.

What our testers said

“The moon looks really close.” Boy aged 8

“That’s cool, I can just see the craters.” Boy aged 9

What our experts think

The astronomical telescope encourages children to use their observation skills, developing their knowledge and vocabulary around astronomy as they describe what they can see. Our testers enjoyed using it at night time, both indoors and out in the garden and they also used it in the daytime to see what they could see in the trees, especially enjoying looking at birds.

This is a great, active way for developing children’s scientific vocabulary and reasoning as they engage in discussion about what they can see through the telescope. One of our testers was even inspired to look up constellations of the stars so she could further identify what she was looking at! When using the telescope indoors, we found it was easier to look through when it was on a table rather than the floor.

Skills developed

– Encourages interest in astronomy

– Promotes scientific vocabulary

– Develops observation skills