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Geomag Rainbow – 72 pieces


Geomag magnetic kits are the perfect way to express creativity, with virtually no limit to the creations that you can make.


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Ages: 6+

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Geomag Rainbow introduces the fascinating and fun world of Geomag’s magic and surprises, dynamic creations, bright colours and incredible magnetic forces. Magnetic rods and non-magnetic steel spheres that come together to create a huge number of shapes. Geomag platforms allow for even more rigidity to structures, allowing them to carry creations more easily. The spheres click into the platform and can remain there, becoming a base for endless construction possibilities.

The Rainbow 72 piece set includes 24 spheres, 24 magnetic rods and 24 plastic panels.

Additional information

Weight 0.674 kg
Dimensions 320 × 50 × 210 mm

What our testers said

“Let’s make boxes and put something in the middle.” – Boy aged 9

“Hmm, what colour roof to have, I will go for yellow.” – Girl aged 9

What our experts think

The Geomag Rainbow set allows children to explore magnetism and geometry while encouraging their imagination to build and create. The children enjoyed building many different models, including a hotel, a stable and a magic box!

The set also encouraged children to put their trial and error learning to use, as they worked out which shapes fit best together and which magnets attract and which repel, in order to make their creation. Exploring concepts such as magnetism through play is a great way to expand children’s understanding of STEM subjects as it places their learning into the real world.

Skills developed

– Encourages creativity

– Develops logical thinking skills

– Expands knowledge of magnetism and properties of shapes