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GraviTrax Obstacle


Use your imagination to build superb tracks and set the gravity spheres rolling with the Gravitrax Obstacle Set.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 8+ years

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Experience the power of gravity! GraviTrax is a construction toy STEM track system from Ravensburger. 

This STEM system [Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths] is an ideal one to teach kids about gravity, magnetism, kinetic energy and fun. Hit a snag? Freestyle with your own track design or use the tasks and blueprints included to help you to get started in the world of GraviTrax! Are the gravity spheres stopping or flying off before reaching the end target? Time for some problem solving. Rebuild and try something different! The GraviTrax track system can be extended indefinitely with extra track packs and add-on’s – each sold separately. 

The Obstacle starter set comes with over 140 components and offers everything you need to get started right away – a pack full of endless possibilities and creativity.

It includes 4x Base Plates, 2x Transparent Levels, 6x Balls, 56x Large height tiles, 12x small height tiles, 2x angles height tiles, 21x curves, 3x junctions, 2x swtiches, 1x 3in1 block, 1x vortex, 1x Launchpad, 1x extra-long narrow plastic track, 1x extra long slow plastic track, 3x long plastics tracks, 9x short plastic tracks, 3x length adjustible bridges, 3x transfers, 2x trampolines, 1x zipline, 2x spirals, 1x finish line, 4x basic tiles, 2x catchers, 1x freefall, 1x splash, 1x landing, 1x Set of Instructions, 1x Set of Construction Plans

Additional information

Weight 3.00 kg
Dimensions 521 × 338 × 109 mm

What our testers said

“Watch this, it bounces.” – Girl aged 7

“I think the trampolines need to move further back.” – Boy aged 8

What our experts think

The Obstacle Set from Gravitrax encourages children to work together and think logically to successfully build a working course. Construction sets like this that combine open-ended creative play with STEM learning are great because they allow children the freedom to engage their imagination and design what they want, while learning key principles of science and technology, such as magnetism and kinetic energy. 

While the children found the instructions a little tricky at first, by working together with their peers who were familiar with other Gravitrax sets, they soon got the hang of building together. Collaborating together in problem-solving is great for children’s social and emotional development as it teaches them about negotiation, communication and resilience. 

Skills developed

– Develops logical thinking skills

– Encourages teamwork and collaboration

– Supports learning of STEM subjects through creative problem-solving