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Kids Numbers and Maths


Learn key maths skills in this virtual playground!




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Ages: 4-6 Years

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The Kids Numbers and Maths app from Intellijoy allows your child to explore a playground filled with maths games! Count the flowers and tap the hot air balloons in this fun collection of activities while learning key maths skills:

Adding one up and one down
Finding the largest/smallest number
Match the numbers
Parents can set the numbers covered in each game to suit a range of abilities.

What our experts think

This is a really good app for covering a range of key maths skills, and children really enjoyed playing it. The numbers are shown on screen as digits as well as objects, and spoken aloud – this helps children become familiar with what a number looks like, what it represents, and how it is said as a word.

Our observers loved that you could change the settings, to suit different ages and abilities as well as help children progress their skills. Children are praised whenever they answer correctly, helping boost their confidence.


It would be even better if…

It would be good if there were hints to encourage children towards the right answer if they are struggling.

What our testers said

“Yay I got a cake.” – Girl aged 4

“I’m good at this game.” – Boy aged 3

Skills developed

  • Teaches children addition and subtraction
  • Lets children practise counting and numbers
  • Uses visual cues to help children learn

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