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LEGO® City Lunar Space Station


LEGO® City Lunar Space Station is a construction set aimed at building interactive and comprehensive components of a lunar space station. It was inspired by the NASA Artemis Lunar Gateway.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6+ years

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Join the crew aboard the NASA-inspired Lunar Space Station. Take a space walk high above the Moon to check the station’s
solar panels and power cell. Use the station’s arm to retrieve the orbiting meteor and place it into the cargo module for examination in the science lab. Then load up the space capsule with samples to transport back to Earth, before you grab a ‘light’ snack and float off to bed!


What our testers said

“Look at all these cool gadgets!” – Girl aged 8

“I would love to add to this collection, I am up for the challenge!” – Girl aged 8 

What our experts think

It was delightful to witness how excited and focused the testers were from start to finish. Play with the space station, docking capsule, and figures extended beyond the build phase. They explored, augmented, and created missions using their lunar space station set. The instruction manual and digital building instructions supported children new too Lego and were appreciated by more experienced builders. The children enjoyed the variety of figures and realistic equipment models included in the set – they elevated their storytelling and pretend play. The Lunar Space Station sparked scientific curiosity, fine motor skills development, and imagination.

Skills developed

– Develops executive functioning skills

– Enhances fine motor skills

– Fostering curiosity

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