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LEGO DUPLO My First Puppy & Kitten with Sounds


LEGO DUPLO– My First Puppy & Kitten with Sounds set is a construction set aimed for toddlers to build, imagine and create their own ideas, and to move-along-sing-along with their creations.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 18 months+

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This adorable animal playset features a cute kitten and a dog, each made from 2 toddler-friendly pieces. Your little animal-fan
will love to place their pet in the rolling ring toy. The sound feature included for each animal enhances the play-and-learn possibilities further, with noises to indicate time to eat, play, sleep and so on – a great way to teach preschoolers about daily routines.

What our testers said

“I like this, I do this again” – Girl aged 2

“I did it! Look at my birthday cake” – Girl aged 3

What our experts think

The children’s joyful and dynamic reactions to the sound effects and their builds were contagious – pulling other peers and even older siblings into their play.

The children drew inspiration from the images on the packaging while they played with and modeled their parents. Once they understood how the pieces worked, they started to imagine and build their own party-play scenes. The sound effects coming from the puppy and kitten were a hit. Children were delighted when they recognized that the dog was barking the happy birthday song and that the kitten was meowing a twinkle-twinkle little star song. Repeat play was frequent and with each play session, their builds became either more complicated (taller, wider, testing balance limits) or became more dramatic with pretend play and simple storytelling with the kitten and dog. While engaged with this set, the children build fine motor skills, visual information processing, language skills, imagination, and socialisation.

Skills developed

– Promotes fine motor/perceptual skill development

– Develops problem solving and cause-effect processing

– Encourages imaginative play and interactive learning