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Let’s Go See


Chocks away! Fold a paper aeroplane, explore countries with augmented reality, and much more with this travel-themed app.
Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6-8 years

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A fun and educational App that helps children discover and learn interesting facts about the world whilst practicing key creative skills.
Join Pilot Polly and Pilot Ollie on their world wide adventures with the Junior Jets.
With stunning 3D images using the latest AR technology, visit famous landmarks from around the world. The Let’s Go See App lets children create, colour, play puzzles, explore the world, and even fly a plane.

Stunning 3D images of landmarks from around the world
. Kids Colouring Book
. Interactive Puzzle
. Origami – Build a Jet/ Fly a Jet
. Landmarks in AR
. Videos of Lets Go See

What our testers said

“I like the girl pilot best.” – Girl aged 4

“Oh my, look at all the colours there are for my colouring.” – Boy aged 5

What our experts think

Featuring the wonderfully diverse Junior Jets from the “Let’s Go See” series on YouTube, this app is packed with fun games and activities, with loads of variety to keep youngsters interested. The most popular games were the puzzles, helping to develop logical thinking skills; and the colouring that can boost children’s creativity.

We think the “Let’s Go See Now!” feature, in “Games and Activities”, is a really nice feature that lets children explore 3D models of different countries. Augmented reality could be new to most children, so they may need encouragement to stand up and move around when holding their device to enjoy the full experience.

A few testers had trouble folding the paper plane in “Build a Jet”, but we found that tapping the circle, rather than dragging the corner, seemed to work well.


Skills developed

– Features fun facts to teach children about different countries

– Augmented reality brings different countries to life

– Puzzles and games to encourage logical thinking and creativity