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Magformers Animal Jumble Set 40


The adorable Magformers Animal Jumble set allows younger children to progress from simple 2D shape-making to more advanced 3D model-making.
Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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This 40-piece set offers three different ways for younger children to make models as they develop. Body part pieces have soft, curved lines and neutral colours and their design is characterized by oversized heads and tiny eyes – the epitome of kawaii ‘cute’ culture. These clip into magnetic Magformers shapes to complete 2D and 3D animal models. And all the different animal characters that can be made have typically cute names like ‘Trunky’ (the elephant), and ‘MooMoo’ (the cow). The Magformers Animal Jumble set is designed to grow with the child. The youngest little ones can start to make flat 2D models simply by laying out the combination of magnetic Magformers pieces and sweet, non-magnetic accessories. As they develop, they can progress to stacking the magnetic Magformers squares to create solid bodies, while clipping on the heads, faces and body parts to complete their models. Then as their confidence and ability grow, they progress into making more advanced 3D animals by using more of the magnetic pieces like triangles, pentagons and hexagons, learning as they play.

What our testers said

“I made a pair of glasses.” – Girl aged 3

“Look, triangles!” – Girl aged 4

What our experts think

This Magformers Animals set encourages young children to develop their skills in logical reasoning to create fun animal models. Some of our testers did need an adult to model how to connect the pieces together first, in order to make the full assortment of animals. The set is great for introducing children to both 2D and 3D shape construction, as they can first assemble 2D nets and then progress to transforming these into 3D models. The children were also able to learn the names of the different shapes and animals as they built and connected the Magformers, which encouraged discussion and developed their vocabulary.

Skills developed

– Promotes creativity

– Develops fine motor skills 

– Great for colour, shape, pattern and animal recognition