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Magformers WOW Set


The ‘Magformers WOW’ magnetic construction set combines educational and fun play in an innovative car-themed toy.
Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3+ years

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Includes beautifully-designed layout sheets which children can use to make mathematical 3D shapes but also car models – the set contains wheels and there are 20 different vehicles to be made. For younger children, the WOW Set also features shape recognition cards. The Magformers WOW Set is fully compatible with all other Magformers sets. Magformers’ magnetic shapes always securely attach. Pieces are made from a specially-toughened ABS plastic and small neodymium magnets are safely sealed in the edges of each piece. Magformers are tested and approved in quality and safety standards all over the world. Children can use basic Magformers geometric shapes to create 2D ‘flat’ plans (known as nets), but also 3D figures. It’s very easy to lay Magformers flat, forming a mathematical net, and pull them up to form 3D towers, cubes and other shapes. The award-winning design and construction of Magformers helps to explore and develop children’s creativity. At the core of the company, is the concept of 3D Brain Training – which helps children to develop comprehensive three-dimensional thinking through play. Internationally, Magformers has received more than 50 global educational and toy awards. Set features: – Makes 20 different vehicles. – Contains layout sheets, illustrated shape sorting cards and model guides. – Encourages mathematical thinking and role play. – Piece size guide: standard squares (6cm/2.5 inches wide), triangles (5 cm at base). – High-grade ABS plastic design has a 100% global safety record. – Contains 14 magnetic Magformers shapes and 2 wheel blocks.

What our testers said

“It was really fun and I really like magnets.” – Girl aged 11

“Look mummy, this goes really fast if you put all the wheels on.” – Boy aged 5

What our experts think

The Magformers Wow set is great for teaching children about 2D and 3D shapes, as they learn how to use them in their construction of working models. Our testers loved the model cards provided but also loved using their imaginations to create their own constructions. We really liked how the model cards provided easy and more difficult construction ideas suited to different ages, allowing the children to progress to learning about different shapes. Building the shapes into moving constructions teaches children about their properties and about magnetism, which is great for their mathematical and scientific learning. Some of our younger testers did find it a bit tricky to start with but once they got the hang of it, they loved getting creative and engaging in free play with the magnets.

Skills developed

– Great for following instructions

– Develops logical thinking

– Promotes creativity