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Magicube Animal Friends & Transport Set


Watch your toddler create animals and different modes of transport by using magnetic Magicubes that connect on each side!


Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Ages: 2-5 Years

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From Geomag, the Magicube construction system is truly magical. Thanks to magnetism, the cubes can be easily attached by any side, to create many items of every shape and colour. Both the Animal Friends and Transport set include six different build cards for further ideas and building suggestions.

Additional information

Weight 0.442 kg
Dimensions 210 × 140 × 170 mm

What our experts think

Children are at the heart of Magicube, a toy that comes to life with their creativity and allows little ones to develop their hand-eye coordination and logical thinking skills. By using the invisible and magical properties of magnetism, children are able to let their imagination rule and create different shapes, colour combinations and even 3D structures.

This is great as it not only introduces them to the scientific concept of magnetism in practice, it also challenges their problem-solving skills as they work out how to build the pictures from the cards provided. We found this required perseverance and some adult assistance. Our testers loved being able to build the bricks up high and then knock them over – while this might not look like much, it actually teaches them a lot! Learning the consequence of knocking the tower down teaches children about physics and also cause and effect.

Skills developed

– Great for matching and sequencing

– Develops colour, shape and pattern recognition

– Encourages creativity