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Magnetic Peek A Boo Puzzle


A Magnetic puzzle with hidden peek a boo surprises

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 18-36 months

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Toddlers love magnets & Peek-A-Boo games. This makes magnetic 4 in 1 Peek-A-Boo Puzzle the perfect educational game for ages 18 months and up. These games support independent learning where your child can self-correct any mistakes which aids in developing their cognitive abilities, develops memory & communication skills, as well as number cognition and counting skills.

The 5 baby safe magnets are attracted to the magic magnet catchers and children will need to use both hands to release the double-sided themed cards helping them with physical skill development. Young children can collect and organise the cards by size, theme, colour, or number. The Magnetic Peek-A-Boo Game Develops vocabulary, language, communication skills, memory, colour recognition, introduction to numbers & counting skills.

How to play:

Choose your theme and place the cards on the board
Hide the pictures with the magnetic covers
Use the magnet catcher to lift the lids & discover what’s hiding beneath

What our testers said

“I found the star” – Girl aged 2

“The bee is the smallest and the lion is the biggest” – Boy  aged 2.5

What our experts think

Toddlers love magnets and they love playing peek a boo .. so this magnetic peek a boo puzzle is a winner all round. Our testers loved this simple puzzle and wanted to play it again and again. You can change what the magnets reveal depending on what stage your toddler is at or what your desired learning outcome is. From numbers and shapes to animals and fruit, it’s four puzzles in one. The learning potential in this puzzle is extensive and varies depending on which pictures you use. It develops colour, number and shape recognition. Promotes counting skills and enhances language and vocabulary. It can be used as a memory game for older toddlers too.

Skills developed

– Promotes number and shape recognition

– Encourages language and builds vocabulary

– Develops colour recognition

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