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Marble Rush Ultimate Set


Construct, problem solve and explore thrilling stunts and exciting challenges with the Marble Rush™ Ultimate Set.



Skill Development:

Ease of Use:

Age: 4-8 years

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This 145-piece colour-coded building set includes a spinning Ferris wheel, a swirling cone that plays a musical light show, thrilling ramps, fast tracks, extreme launchers and bases that all easily connect together.

The easy-to-follow, levelled guide includes three different builds from beginner to advanced, or create your own courses. When construction is complete, drop the 10 marbles into action and watch them race down ramps and swirl through funnels to the basket or ramp challenges.

Compete with family and friends using the exciting launchers and non-stop Ferris wheel to keep the marbles in motion and bring them back to the beginning. Combine with other Marble Rush™ sets (sold separately) to create an extreme play set.

Find more builds at www.vtechkids.com/marblerush.

What our testers said

“We can use the slide piece to make the marble go faster at the finish line.” – Girl aged 7 

“I really love this! I want to complete the advance next time!” – Boy aged 8 

What our experts think

The Marble Rush Ultimate set provides children with all they need to create an exciting marble course with dynamic, moving parts. As well as sparking their creativity, this helps to develop logical and visual thinking skills. The set comes with instructions for how to create several different course levels, meaning children can progress to creating increasingly complex courses as they get grow or advance their skills. 

In order to perform different ‘marble stunts’, children have to work out how to use the different features to achieve the correct marble motion, for example by adding funnels and slides. This helps children to practice trial and error learning and creative problem-solving, as they test out what works, what doesn’t and what they can try differently. This is an important aspect of STEM play, as it allows children to experiment with concepts in engineering and science and teaches them perseverance too. 

Older children enjoyed pushing the creative parts of the construction process even further by creating courses of their own design and experimenting to make them work successfully. Although younger children in particular required adult support with the construction, the more they played more with the set, the more they were able to engage with building independently.

Skills developed

– Develops logical and visual thinking skills

– Encourages creative problem-solving and experimentation

– Promotes perseverance