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National Geographic Mega Magic Set


An amazing STEAM toy set that makes magic happen!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age: 8+

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This kids magic kit is packed with classic magician’s props, two specialized card decks, and a fascinating learning guide with insight into the history of magic and the different types of magic kids can see today. Kids gain confidence with performance and will also learn about the science behind optical illusions, misdirection, and more!

What our testers said

“Family and friends, gather around as I will make this ball disappear!” Girl aged 9.

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I can read your minds! I will prove it to you with these cards!” Boy aged 10.

What our experts think

The children had a lot of fun with this STEAM Mega Magic Set. They enjoyed learning how to use the materials and particularly loved when they could perform ‘the magic’ successfully to their audience. Children generally did not require much assistance from adults to learn how to use the materials. The instruction guide and the video instructions were very helpful for each of the children to learn the tricks at their own pace. Children also really enjoyed combining the provided materials to create their own ‘magic’.

While using this STEAM Mega Magic Set, children can build physical skills, coordination, and thinking skills. The set also supports creativity development through performing magic. Engaging with the set also helps with language development as children can expand their vocabulary associated with learning and performing magic.

Skills developed

– Builds coordination, physical and thinking skills

– Supports creativity

– Helps with vocabulary and language development

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