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Montessori Preschool


Edoki Academy’s Preschool App offers colourful, engaging activities covering diverse subjects, fostering holistic learning experiences for children.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3-7 years

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Discover Montessori Preschool, the leading app designed to support your child’s learning journey until Year 1, recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

  • Maths: From counting to 1 million to introduction of addition and subtraction using Montessori materials.
  • Early Literacy: Fun sound games like “I spy” progressing to reading comprehension.
  • Logic and Coding: Pre-coding and reasoning games for critical thinking.
  • Nursery Rhymes: Sing-along classics like “Wheels on the bus” and “Old MacDonald”.
  • Shapes & Colours: Interactive learning of shapes and colours.
  • Nurse’s Station: Problem-solving and logic activities with the school nurse.
  • Arts & Creativity: Introduction to colours, drawing, music basics.
  • AR/3D: Augmented Reality or 3D interactions with school pets.
  • Practical Life: Everyday activities for practical skills development.
  • Chinese and Languages: Learn numbers, songs, vocabulary in multiple languages.


  • Comprehensive Montessori learning environment.
  • Regular updates for continuous engagement.
  • Digital classroom fostering fun learning.
  • Grounded in Montessori fundamentals.
  • Reward system for motivation.
  • Tailored dashboard for progress tracking
  • Family account: 1 subscription for multiple children and up to 7 devices
  • Can be played offline
  • No advertising

Embark on an enthralling learning journey with Montessori Preschool, suitable for ages 3-7.

What our testers said

“Can you go in there please circle” – Boy, aged 2.5

“There’s a huge variety of activities, we do a couple every day” – Parent

What our experts think

The Preschool App by Edoki Academy is bright and colourful. and captivated all our testers with its engaging content. Covering a broad range of subjects, from math and reading to music and coding, each activity is uniquely crafted with Montessori principles, fostering problem-solving, experimentation, and creativity. This ensures sustained interest and active participation.

The app seamlessly integrates learning around life skills into its gameplay, set within the familiar preschool environment, offering a holistic learning experience. With a clear learning progression, it adapts to children’s development, growing alongside their understanding.

While the large number of activities may require some adult guidance in navigation, this provides an opportunity for parents to play a role in selecting optimal areas for children’s learning. Once launched, the games are intuitive, allowing children to follow instructions with ease. Overall, the Preschool App by Edoki Academy delivers an immersive and educational experience that both children and parents can enjoy together.

Skills developed

– Supports learning in a range of topics, from phonics and maths to coding and early Chinese

– Encourages logical thinking and problem solving

– Allows independent learning

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