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My Take Along 1.2.3 Noah´s Ark


The Playmobil Noah’s ark from the 1.2.3 range comes with five different animals, all in pairs, and of course Noah and his wife

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age:18 months+

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The Playmobil Noah’s Ark from the 1.2.3 range comes with 5 different animals, all in pairs, and of course Noah and his wife. The ark can float on water and has a removable deck for storing the animals. There is an integrated carry handle in the top for ease of transportation.

What our testers said

“I like the giraffes, one of them is called Georgina.” – Boy aged 2

“I am giving the animals some food because they are hungry.” – Girl aged 3

What our experts think

Children loved playing with the 1.2.3. Noah’s Ark, taking care of the animals and moving them on and off of the boat. This is good for encouraging imagination and creativity, as well as promoting nurturing behaviour. The floating boat and animals can get children playing with water and learning what objects sink or float. We like that everything can be stored in the boat, which is handy for tidying up as well as encouraging pretend play on the go. Holding and playing with the small figures helps strengthen the hand and finger muscles (known as fine motor control) which are important to develop the tripod grasp for things like writing. 

Skills developed

– Good for imaginative play

– Strengthens the finger and hand muscles

– Encourages communication and language