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Design and create your very own video games and watch them come to life with Pixicade.

Skill Development:
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Age: 6+ years

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Create your own video games with Pixicade! From paper to screen, Pixicade will help you create video games like you’ve never seen before – all designed by you! Just draw your game with the specially created Pixicade pens, snap a picture of your drawing in the Pixicade app and in 30 seconds your game comes to life! Pixicade lets you edit and animate to enhance your games, then share and play games on the Pixicade Arcade. Play one of the thousands of games designed by others or see who beats the high score on one of your own. This educational game helps children to create their own video game in 3 simple steps, allowing them to express their creativity and play a new game every day!

What our testers said

“Mummy, see if you can play my game I made?” – Girl aged 7

“Wow. My game works really well” – Boy aged 9 

What our experts think

Draw a game, take a picture and watch it come to life! Children loved to see their own designs and ideas turn into a video game they can play and share. The colour coded pens make the process simple to learn and the easy to understand instructions mean that older children don’t require much assistance at all. The books come in levels which allows children to work through the stages at a steady pace. Starting with simple game designs and progressing onto more detailed and difficult ones. The app also has a gaming area called Pixicade arcade where users submit games for others to play. Our testers loved this as they were enjoyable to play but also provided inspiration for creating their own games. The Pixicade game inspires creativity, promotes technology, computing and coding skills and encourages children to follow instructions.

Skills developed

– Inspires creativity

– Promotes computing and coding skills

– Encourages the following of instructions