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Plant & Grow Woodland Forest


The Plant & Grow Woodland Forest is a small terrarium that supports learning about what plants need to grow.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6+ years

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This whimsical mushroom shaped terrarium comes ready to decorate, plant and grow. Just add water.
Create your own fantasy forest habitat complete with a friendly gnome, potting mix, stickers, colorful sand for layering, a snail and mini-mushrooms.
Foster the love of nature with our easy-to-grow chia seeds.
Kids will love watching their garden come to life in as little as 3-5 days.
Water dropper included.
Finished Garden measures 5½” high x 5” wide.

What our testers said

“This is fun and cool to make our own mini terrarium” – Boy aged 8

“The Gnome and snail are so cute” – Girl aged 6

What our experts think

Prepare the potting mix, set the layers, decorate, plant the seeds, water, and watch them grow! Children loved their fairytale woodland forest – the figurines and stickers were a hit. They loved watching the seeds grow into small plants and interacting with the figurines in the habitat for storytelling and pretend play. The written and illustrated instructions make the process simple to execute, resulting in a beautiful miniature terrarium for them to care for and the whole family to enjoy.  Our testers loved that they could make it look however they wished and that they could interact with the figurines repeatedly. Plant & Grow Woodland Forest fosters caring for a living thing, inspires creativity, and encourages children to follow instructions. 

Skills developed

– Helps with following instructions

– Supports caring for a living thing

– Promotes imagination and creativity