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Playground XL


Build and rebuild with these colourful, easy-to-use magnetic construction blocks.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3 years +

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The SmartMax Playground XL construction set includes 46 pieces with a variety of magnetic bars, tubes, funnels, brackets and balls. The oversized pieces are specifically designed for handling by young children as they explore the fascinating world of magnetism in a fun and safe way!

All parts can be combined with other SmartMax® sets creating an endless range of possibilities where children can create all kinds of crazy super-sized structures and let the balls roll.

What our testers said

“I made a machine to collect all the balls!” Boy aged 3 1⁄2

“He was intrigued that the magnets either attracted or repelled each other.” Observer of boy aged 4

What our experts think

Construction toys are a fantastic way for children to be creative and experiment with their ideas, developing their logical thinking and problem solving skills. Our testers really engaged with the Playground XL set from SmartMax, making everything from a machine to a rocket.

It was lovely to see how our testers experimented with the pieces and they were fascinated to discover that some attracted while others repelled; this is a great way to get pre-schoolers interested in Science. Connecting the pieces is also good for children’s physical development – improving hand-eye coordination while strengthening the arm muscles in younger children and the grip/hand strength in older children. These are important skills for being able to control a pencil to write.

Skills developed

– Encourages creativity

– Great practice for logical thinking and problem solving

– Lets children experiment with the effects of magnets and forces