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Pony Farm


Pop down to the stables and groom, ride and enjoy your very own horses!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 4+ years

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Three ponies are accommodated in a single box and a two box. The stable doors lead out in the big playpen which can be built up with the fence adaptably. The attic offers a lot of place for feed and straw. With many accessories. Dimensions: at least (because of fence adaptably to be built up) 11,42 x 11,81 x 9,06 inch (LxDxH)

– The barrow can be used by the child figures.
– The fence is fully adaptably.
– A ladder leads up to the hayloft which serves as safekeeping for the feed and straw.
– In each stable a hay rack is provided for the feed.
– Includes lots of hooks and accessories for clearing up after the horses.
– Both stable doors can be closed and opened independently of each other.
– All stable doors on the front open outwards.
– The rear stable doors can be opened inwards and outwards.

What our testers said

“Here is the reception and this is the tack room.” – Girl aged 7

What our experts think

A great Playmobil set that is perfect for any animal lovers. Once built (which the older children did independently – the instructions were clear), our testers enjoyed engaging in imaginative play: there was lots of role play and storytelling. This kind of play enables children to draw on their real-life experiences – acting out and making sense of different scenarios, which develops important personal, social and emotional skills and understanding of the world around them. The little accessories definitely added to our testers’ play, and they were able to play with the set alongside other Playmobil. This kind of themed set is also good for promoting discussion about animals and farms, which not only develops knowledge and understanding but also helps build vocabulary.

Skills developed

– Encourages imaginative play

– Develops storytelling skills

– Promotes personal, social and emotional development