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Power Vehicles


Design and build a bulldozer, tow truck, van and more!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 3 years +

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Have fun with SmartMax Power Vehicles and build a bulldozer, a fire truck, a forklift, a tow truck, a pick-up truck or a van.

This set includes a total of 26 pieces consisting of SmartMax bars, 1 container, 1 ladder, 1 digger, 1 cockpit, 3 cabins, 3 levers, 2 wheel pairs, 6 sturdy wheel pairs, 1 fork, 1 metal ball, 1 trailer, 1 spindle & hook, and a colourful guide with suggestions for small and large constructions.

All parts can be combined with other SmartMax® sets creating an endless range of possibilities.

What our testers said

“Look at my cool car.” Boy aged 4

“I made a truck and it’s red.’ Boy aged 4

What our experts think

The Power Vehicles set from SmartMax was a big hit with car fanatics! Our testers enjoyed putting all of the pieces together to build their own vehicles from scratch and loved having the freedom to come up with their own designs, which is great for creativity.

Once built the vehicles can be used for imaginative play; this is also good for creativity as well as getting children to play together, developing social skills. Playing with the vehicles can encourage children to talk about the cars and trucks they have seen in real life too, promoting speech while strengthening their understanding of the world.

Skills developed

– Encourages creativity

– Brilliant for imaginative play

– Can help get children to play together