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Raccoon Squeakaboo!


The perfect size for small hands, this soft rattle jingles, crinkles and squeaks when held.


Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Age: 0 – 12 months

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The hugely popular Squeakaboos! soft toy rattles make the perfect toy for babies from birth to a year old. They jingle, crinkle and squeak when squeezed, making them a great interactive first toy for little ones.

The Squeekaboos! range from Fiesta Crafts, helps baby to begin learning all about sounds and touch in a tactile way, and helps encourage interactivity with mum and dad while ensuring lots of smiles, fun and giggles.

Crafted from vibrant and soft plush fabrics, each Squeakaboo! has a cute shaped face with a kind, gentle smile. The perfect size for small hands, babies will instantly warm to the Squeakaboos, and will love to touch, hold and shake them.

What our testers said

“She babbled with excitement at the rattle.” – Observer of girl aged 4 months

“He held the rattle for nearly 45 minutes without putting it down!” – Observer of boy aged 10 months

What our experts think

We thought this was a simple yet brilliantly stimulating toy and it’s great for catching baby’s attention – our testers loved looking at the bright colours, squeezing and shaking the rattle. The Squeakaboo! rattle can support physical development in several ways; getting baby to watch the rattle moved in front of her improves visual tracking and strengthens neck muscles, squeezing the toy is excellent for strengthening hand grip (known as fine motor control) and shaking it is wonderful exercise for arm muscles and coordination (known as gross motor skills).

Meanwhile, babies are also learning about cause and effect which develops their logical thinking – when they shake or squeeze the toy it makes a sound. The variety of sounds further stimulates baby’s senses, however we did find that the squeaker sound could be startling to young babies (under around four months – this is known as the Moro reflex), which parents might want to be aware of.

Skills developed

– Stimulates baby’s senses
– Great for exercising neck, hand and arm muscles
– Encourages curiosity and teaches cause and effect

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