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Rocket Wheels

Remote control car track built from gravity defying tubes

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:

Age: 5+ years

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Different from other ordinary plane track toys, the Rocket Wheels connects different tubular so as to enable respective remote train to speed or bounce against gravity. The tubular allows an all-rounded 360o connection, as such, players can showcase their imagination and creativity without limits anywhere to build a unique track with tubular. Furthermore, surface of the Rocket Wheel is equipped with night flash light which permits playing in the dark, making the game more fun with any feasibility.




What our testers said

“The children really enjoyed being creative with the tracks” – After school club play leader

“Lets use all of the pieces and make the biggest course we can!” – Girl aged 6

What our experts think

A unique take on a traditional open car track, Rocket Wheels uses tubes to allow children to create gravity defying courses for the remote control cars supplied. Our testers really enjoyed following the instructions supplied to create their race courses and used trial and error to improve them and make them bigger and better. They worked out that to make the cars run faster they needed straight stretches of tubing in between bends.

The Rocket Wheels track encourages children to follow instructions, it develops creativity and promotes trial and error learning. It also helps to improve fine motor skills as the children connect the tubes together and inspires them to work as a team.

Skills developed

– Encourages following instructions

– Develops creativity

– Promotes trial and error learning