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Scalextric Spark Plug – Batman Vs Joker Set


You can race famous adversaries Batman and the Joker using your smartphone as the controller!

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 5+ Years

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Batman and the Joker have been adversaries since they first met in 1940. Since then, the Clown Prince of Crime has found creative ways to escape the Caped Crusader, and in this Scalextric Batman vs Joker Spark Plug set, the themed Joker car, complete with a green roof, purple body and wide grin to mimic his famous look, takes on the black Batman car, dark enough to hide in the shadows and pounce on one of his worst enemies.

From Hornby Hobbies, this set also features 2 x Spark Plug Dongles, the latest innovation from Scalextric which allows you to race your car using your Android or IOS smart device. Simply plug the Spark Plug dongle into your Scalextric analogue powerbase rather than a traditional hand controller, download the app and race away meaning no more wires!

What our testers said

“Let’s do best of 5, like a tournament.” Boy aged 9

“I want to be Batgirl.” Girl aged 6

What our experts think

This exciting Batman Vs. the Joker version of Scalextric allows children to race wirelessly using a smartphone and encourages healthy competition and hand-eye coordination.

The children also enjoyed using trial and error and strategic thinking to work out when to brake and when to accelerate to get the car moving smoothly around the track without coming off.

The track is put together like a puzzle and an app is required to use a smartphone as the controller with the included spark plugs. It is worth noting that our testers found if the phone rings it does stop play, so it might be worthwhile considering putting it on ‘do not disturb’ mode whilst playing!

Skills developed

– Great for teaching about winning and losing

– Develops strategic thinking

– Encourages hand-eye coordination