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Secret Science


Explore the wonders of Secret Science while learning about coding, circuitry, secret messaging and much more!

Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Age: 8 – 10 years

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Includes 8 amazing top-secret activities. Use an optical illusion to build a secret magic photo box; make secret coding bracelets for you and a friend; use mirror messaging and make invisible inks. You can also decipher the secret coded message in a water fizzer; understand circuits and personalise a motion sensor room guard, complete with a recorded message function!

The Secret Science kit from John Adams, comes with clear instructions about how to conduct the activities at home, as well as the method and science behind what you’re doing. Please note that some activities require additional household ingredients (not included): 2 x AA batteries, sticky tape, kitchen foil, small torch bulb, lemon juice, baking powder, purple grape juice, tonic water.

What our testers said

“These bracelets are so cool, I can encode a secret message for my friends!” – Boy aged 7

“When it says secret spy it actually means it. It kept me busy for ages.” – Girl aged 10

What our experts think

The Secret Science set encourages children to conduct their own engaging experiments and explore the results. Our testers found the instructions clear and easy to understand, so the children could conduct most of the experiments independently, which is great for building their confidence.

Fun and interactive sets like this are a fantastic way to get children using scientific vocabulary and developing their observation skills. Applying their learning to real-life scenarios is a great way to consolidate their knowledge of STEM subjects and complements the National Curriculum.

Skills developed

– Great way to introduce children to scientific concepts
– Encourages confidence
– Helps build scientific vocabulary

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