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This educational audio and music player is designed to stimulate creativity, playful fun, imagination, speech and language, and help develop early childhood cognitive skills.

TIMIO is 100% screen free, requires no wifi, runs with AA batteries, and has an easy carry handle, making it totally portable and ideal for travel and on the go – it also means it’s easy for children to use independently for learning through play.

TIMIO uses magnetic discs to unlock a library of curated educational and engaging audio content on various subjects for multiple ages. The TIMIO starter kit comes with the educational and interactive player, five discs and a disc storage bag, giving seven hours of educational content and entertainment in a choice of eight languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Chinese, Italian, Portuguese).

The engaging content for multiple ages on multiple subjects and in multiple languages for hours of edutainment, means children can learn while playing. For more learning potential, additional disc sets mean the TIMIO library of content can be added to – choose from four sets of five discs – a total of 25 audio discs. Disc categories include the alphabet, fairy tales, nursery rhymes, numbers, lullabies, fruit, animals, shapes, colours, and vocabulary.

Easy to use, children simply select a disc, place it on top of TIMIO, tap an image to play and follow the audio instructions. TIMIO uses only sound and LED lights, so there are no moving images. This way children learn to listen attentively without getting over-stimulated. Extra interactive features include quiz questions and a pause function, so children can pause a story. 

Additional information

Weight1.82 kg
Dimensions279.40 × 215.90 × 71.12 mm

What our testers said

“I did it, I got the music one, I like the music, it’s good.” – Girl aged 2 

“It’s a moo, I find the cow picture.” – Boy aged 3 

What our experts think

The TIMIO player offers screen-free fun for children to develop their listening and communication skills. They enjoyed imitating the noises of the different animals, which helped them to practice their speech and language skills, as well as being very entertaining!

Learning how to use technology which is screen-free makes a nice change for young children and the player is very user friendly, with the children getting the hang of how to use it quickly. The stories were popular, as was the quiz, though it would be useful to have a repeat function for when children do not hear or understand questions the first time. The ability to use the player in different language modes can also be a great way to help children to practice their foreign language skills, for example by repeating animal and vehicle names in French. 

Skills developed

– Helps to develop language and communication skills

– Engages children in foreign languages, animals and other educational activities 

– Encourages listening and concentration