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Tiny Hands, Sorting 1 (Age 2+)


The game is designed to help children acquire basic concepts such as shape, color, size, seasons and animals.




Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Ages: 2-4 Years

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This fun and educational app is designed for children aged 2 to 4. It has 12 mini games which increase difficulty. Each game is an environment and focuses on a set of basic concepts from the child’s world such as shapes, colours, seasons, animals and vehicles. This app is bright and colourful and easy to use. As your child plays they will develop various skills – Sorting and classifying – Hand-eye coordination – Concentration – Visual perception – Vocabulary.

What our experts think

Tiny Hands Sorting is a wonderful app for young children to practice recognising and categorising objects by different qualities, such as colour, shape and size.

We like how the game adds context to this – for example, when sorting objects by size, children are given a ‘big’ daddy koala and a ‘small’ baby koala to dress (using big or small clothes).

It also includes some lovely animations when the puzzle has been completed that can help encourage children to keep playing, and prompting to show children how to play the game.

What our testers said

“I done it. I put all the hearts in the box” – Girl aged 4

Skills developed

  • Enhances concentration
  • Encourages shape and colour recognition
  • Enhances hand-eye coordination