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Trestle Tracks Deluxe


Trestle Tracks Deluxe Set is a unique, open-ended marble-run building experience.

Skill Development:

Ease of Use:
Age: 8+ years

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A truly mesmerizing marble-track experience!

Each set is made up of hollow stacking cubes and a variety of perfectly flat tracks. The paths cut out of each track widen almost imperceptibly from one end to the other, creating an invisible slope that propels the marbles forward.

Watching them go is like magic in slow-mo!

Start with the 43-piece Starter set for an ideal introduction with three guided builds. Explore more with the 73-piece Builder set with four guided builds. Get the fullest experience with the 124-piece Deluxe set with four even bigger guided builds.

Get creative and discover the wonders of simple engineering with Trestle Tracks.


Also available is the Trestle Tracks Pro

Trestle Tracks consists of hollow stacking cubes and perfectly flat tracks with cutout paths that widen almost imperceptibly to propel the marbles forward.
Watching them go is like magic in slow-mo!
And with the Pro set, you don’t just get an overabundance of cubes and tracks. You also get a variety of totally new trick tracks that catch, release, bounce, combine, swoop, and more.
Marble-run fun reaches new heights of wonder with Trestle Tracks Pro!

What our testers said

“Now I got this! Way cool.” – Girl aged 9

“This is like an optical illusion. You would never think that the marble would go that way.” – Girl aged 8



What our experts think

Children found this unique trestle track marble run highly engaging and greatly enjoyed the design and testing process. They were subsequently thrilled with their successes and motivated to redesign when unexpected results occurred. Our
testers loved the unique features that allowed them to design, build, and execute the marble run with “flat” vs sloped tracks. This gave the tracks a more “its magic” surprise appeal. They persevered through the engineering challenges of designing a track with the trestle propulsion system. The instructions guide the children through four builds that inspire them. Children can start with basic route designs and increase the complexity at their pace. This set is excellent for hands-on, kinesthetic learners. The Trestle Tracks Deluxe 124 piece set and the Trestle Tracks Pro, 274 piece set fosters the development of logical thinking, problem-solving skills, visual-spatial reasoning, and executive functioning. Further, it invites socialisation and teamwork when children work in pairs to expand on each design together. Children greatly enjoyed playing together to create their marble run, trestle track. These sets are ideal for families and for playing with friends at home or in learning centers.

Skills develoepd

– Develops executive functioning

– Supports logical thinking

– Promotes visual-spatial reasoning