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Twister Board Game


Twister is a physical game where players place hands and feet on coloured dots, testing flexibility and balance to avoid falling.

Skill Development:
Ease of Use:
Age: 6+ years

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Get ready for the ultimate Twister party game – the timeless classic that entangles players in a web of fun! Perfect for gatherings or game nights, this lively group activity guarantees laughs and entertainment for all. Spin the dial and follow the directions – left hand on red, right hand on yellow – it’s a piece of cake! Watch the hilarity unfold as players twist, turn, and tangle, striving to keep hands and feet firmly on the mat. The challenge intensifies with commands like right foot on blue. Can you handle it?

Once someone stumbles or touches the mat with knee or elbow, they’re out. The last one standing emerges victorious! Suitable for ages 6 and up, Classic Twister is an engaging indoor activity and an excellent outdoor game for kids to enjoy with family and friends. Ready to claim the title of Twister game champ? Recommended by Dr Gummer’s Good Play Guide.

What our testers said

“Oops, I touched the mat with my elbow” – Boy, aged 8

“Twister is brilliant, it always gets everyone moving and laughing together” – Parent of a 7 year old

What our expert thinks

Twister, the classic game of physical contortion, not only delivers laughter but also provides unexpected developmental benefits for children. As they navigate the colourful mat and twist their bodies into imaginative positions, kids engage in a delightful exercise of gross motor skills, enhancing balance, flexibility, and coordination.

Twister also supports social development, encouraging interaction, cooperation, and friendly competition as players entangle themselves in a web of limbs. The game’s inclusive and non-competitive nature ensures that all participants, regardless of age or skill level, can join in the fun. Additionally, Twister sparks laughter and joy, promoting emotional well-being and stress relief through its dynamic and entertaining play.

Overall, Twister stands as a unique and invaluable tool that not only promotes physical activity but also contributes to the holistic development of motor skills, spatial awareness, and social interactions in an enjoyable and active manner.

Skills developed

– Develops spatial awareness, body control and strength

– Supports colour recognition

– Encourages following instructions and perseverance

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