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Word on the Street


Did you hear the Word on the Street? Get in the fast lane in this fun-fuelled race to claim 8 letter tiles faster than your opponents in this hilarious tug of words.


Skill Development:

Ease of Use:


Age: 10+

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With over 400 category cards, you will become a wordsmith in no time!

A player from the team on the street draws the first card from the card tray, places it on the table and reads the category aloud. As the card is drawn, the timer is flipped.

The team brainstorm words that fit the category printed on the card. Team members may call out as many suggestions as they want, but they all must agree on one word that fits the category.

The team must then move the letter tiles for the selected word towards their side of the board.

When the timer runs out, a player from the opposing team says “stop” and the team on the street must immediately stop moving letter tiles. That team’s turn ends and the category card is placed in the back of the card tray.

The opposing team now take their turn.

The first team to capture eight letter tiles to their side of the street wins – it’s as simple as that!

What our testers said

“This game is fun, it’s challenging.” Boy aged 11.

“Cereal, that one’s easy.” Girl aged 7.

What our experts think

Word on the Street is a fun and engaging educational board game with a car theme. The simple instructions mean that children can set up the game easily and learn how to play it by themselves. Our testers particularly liked being able to team up, which helps children learn collaborative skills and promotes friendly competition. 

We really like that there are different sets of category cards, blue for easy and yellow for more challenging. This helps children gradually improve their skills and confidence – we found our testers loved testing their skills with the blue cards!

The fast-paced nature of the game adds to the excitement and is great for encouraging concentration. Word on the Street is an excellent way to encourage children to practise their spelling and vocabulary without even realising it. The longer the word, the quicker they can win – and more unusual words with rarer letters are a great way to pick up some extra letters!

Skills developed

– Promotes collaboration

– Encourages spelling practice

– Supports memory and concentration