Support Working Parents – JP Morgan Case Study

JP Morgan were keen to comply with the Working Families Act and support working parents, but needed to do it in a way that suited their workforce and didn’t impact negatively on employees’ workload.

By creating a range of 1 hour single issue seminars around topics that are relevant to working parents and delivered in a lunchtime, Amanda has been able to help JP Morgan and many other city firms support working parents and get the most out of a loyal, committed workforce.

A seminar for JP Morgan focussed on the importance of social development for academic success. Working parents came to the seminar anxious about the amount of quality time that they spend with their children and feeling guilty that they are too tired to play with their children when they come home from work. By explaining the FUNdamental’s Parent-Centered Parenting model of family life, Amanda was able to show that children benefit most from having happy healthy role models to copy and how parents meeting their own needs is actually in the best interests of the children.

Amanda demonstrated how beneficial it is for children’s development when they are encouraged to play with minimal adult supervision and gave practical tips to help parents promote their children’s social development without creating extra work (and therefore guilt and resentment) for themselves. Parents reported leaving the seminar feeling more positive about their work-life balance, less anxious about their children’s development and confident about their role as a parent.

Whilst long-term outcomes have not been followed up with JP Morgan, there is evidence to show that reduced stress with issues around children and parenting reduces absenteeism from work, improves morale and increases productivity.

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