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Whether you’ve bought a tablet or other mobile device for your child / children or share your own device with then the chances are at some stage it will be dropped on the floor or worse.  We strongly recommend purchasing a tablet case or bumper to protect the tablet as well screen protectors for the screen.

There are a range of options on the market but here are the ones we’ve tried so far within our play centres for the iPad.  There are currently fewer options out there for Android tablets, although more are emerging all the time. There is typically at least one case/bumper available for each type of tablet.  Of course, some children’s tablets (such as the Kurio tablet) come with the case included.

Fisherprice Apptivity CaseWe’ve tried the Fisherprice Apptivity Case for iPads with our pre-school age testers and younger.   It certainly offers the most protection for the tablet. It is completely sealed, which avoids potential disasters with spilt drinks.  We also found that whilst the screen does decrease the touchscreen sensitivity a bit, the children were perfectly able to use the tablet normally.  We like the idea of having a plastic bar to preventing accidental use of the Home button, but actually prefer to use Guided Access mode to lock children into the apps (so that at least the adults could change apps if we wished, without getting it out of the case each time) so tended to turn the iPad round so the bar did not cover the Home button.  We liked the stand included at the back which allows you to prop up the device slightly. We certainly recommend this as providing the most protection for your iPad. The disadvantage is that you end up taking it in and out of the case a lot to charge the iPad, change the volume, turn the screen off or turn the power off – we ended up having a 2 pence piece handy at all times (a coin is needed to open the case)!

We’ve also tried the Kensington Safegrip and the Evecase iKiz cases, which use a similar design.  The Kensington Safegrip came with a screen protector which was really handy.  The children liked these cases and found the handle useful to carry the iPad and as a stand.  The case seems really sturdy and has certainly protected the iPads successfully when dropped!  Our only minor criticisms are that the on/off button is fiddly to get to and it was quite tricky to get the iPad in initially but these really are minor issues.

The children really loved the design of the Speck iGuy case, again this is one we would recommend.  It’s a surprise to most people when it arrives that the handles are not solid but children can still carry it by the handles and the rubberised design keeps the iPad safe whilst looking fun.  Our minor criticisms were that it was slightly tricky to get the charging cable in (but not impossible) and we wish it was solid with a screen protector.  We also slightly missed being able to stand this up at an angle but that didn’t seem to bother the children.

Kensington Safe Grip Rugged iPad Case

Evecase iKiz Case Speck iGuy Kids iPad Protective Case

Kensington Safegrip Rugged iPad Case

Evecase iKiz iPad Case

Speck iGuy Protective iPad Case


Whether you choose these or another case what we recommend you look for is:

  • A sturdy design that will keep the tablet safe.
  • A screen protector either included or bought separately to prevent scratches – we suggest you buy several as they do come off after a while.
  • If you would like your child to be able to access the power buttons, charging cable point and to use the camera, make sure this is possible (if you want to avoid them accessing these then a case like the Fisherprice Apptivity case is probably for you).
  • Consider how you want to be able to stand the device up and look for a case that fits your needs.

If you make a tablet case you would like us to test then please do visit the App & Toy Industry pages and follow the instructions to submit a toy for testing.

To read more about how to childproof your phone or tablet, see here.

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