Tablet Reviews

Choosing a tablet for your child can be a hard decision to make. There are plenty of reviews out there to help, but many focus on gigabytes and screen resolutions rather than giving parents practical information - is it fast enough for games? Will it shatter the minute it's dropped? Are the parental controls any good?

We have rated the tablets below on a variety of points we know are important to parents, so you can find the most suitable tablet for your child. You can also take a look at our guide on what to look for when choosing tablets for kids.


Kurio Tab 2

The Tab 2 is part of the Kurio family of tablets designed specifically for kids. It isn’t just for children though - multiple profiles and a full Android system means the whole family can use it.

As with most Kurio tablets, it comes with over 60 preloaded apps, a Kurio Genius filtering system to protect against inappropriate content, and a wide range of easy to use parental controls. It also features Kurio Motion to get kids up and moving.


Kurio Smart

The Smart uses the Windows operating system, giving children access to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as Android games. It also comes with a keyboard to make typing easier.


Amazon Fire HD 6 Kids

This child-friendly version of the Amazon Fire comes with a tough child proof case (pink or blue), a handy two year guarantee and a years free subscription to Fire for Kids Unlimited, giving kids access to thousands of books, apps and videos.

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