Tablets and eSafety Articles

Here are a range of articles covering Tablet and eSafety advice for parents in the media by Dr Amanda Gummer and our Director of Apps & Technology, Lucy Gill:



24th Nov 2015


 Psychologist explains how to keep your kids happy offline with the ‘play diet’

Dr Amanda Gummer and Lucy Gill spoke to Mirror online to discuss the importance of a healthy, balanced play diet




1st Oct 2015


Invaluable Career Lessons from BBC’s ‘Girls Can Code’

Lucy shares her review of the recent 2 part BBC show, ‘Girls Can Code’ and explains some of the key takeaways from the show that she found.




12th Sept 2015


Screen-time and your Child

Dr Gummer shares her thoughts on why parents need to try a new approach to allowing their children use digital devices such as Tablets and Smartphones




10th June 2015


10 Great Apps for Toddlers

Our Director of Apps & Technology, Lucy Gill, shares her top 10 apps for toddlers.




2nd June 2015


Top Apps for Primary School Children 

Lucy Gill introduces some great apps that Children will love to play and learn from




16th April 2015


Should we let our Children Play on Tablets & Phones?

Our Director of Apps and Technology, Lucy Gill, explains Children’s usage of digital devices




5th Jan 2014


If you’re Appy and you know it

Our Director of Apps & Tech, Lucy Gill, shares her must-download apps for children of all ages.

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Jan – Feb 2014


Kid-Friendly Apps (Page 7)

In this Winter edition of Chiltern Families magazine, Lucy Gill helps parents to decide amongst the wide range of selection, which apps they should download for their children.




12th Dec 2014


Royal ScreenTime

Dr Amanda Gummer discusses the benefits of Screen-Time for Children in this feature.

We are not amused



 25th Nov 2014


Technology: Digital Generation

Should we be worried that play time has gone Digital? Dr Amanda Gummer talks about the benefits and and disadvantages of Digital play time.




 21st Nov 2014


4 Healthy Habits for Children’s Screen Time

Lucy Gills speaks to Tesco Living on the benefits of Screen Time for Children




 13th Aug 2014


Are we turning our Children into iPad Zombies?

Is exposure to advanced technology becoming detrimental to a child’s speech and social development?

Girls texting



 25th Nov 2014


iBabies: Are Tablets and Smartphones Dangerous for tots to use?

Dr Amanda Gummer explains why parents must exercise caution when exposing their children to technology