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Child playing with toy Airplane

Eight Physical Activities for Energetic Toddlers

Active games for energetic toddlers Toddlers are positively buzzing with energy most of the time! Here are some simple activities to help burn off some of that energy, and also help develop those all-important gross motor skills. Many of these ideas can be done outdoors or indoors – but don’t be afraid to don a…
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Is play accessible enough?

When thinking about the accessibility of play, it is important that play value isn’t lost; simply being able to do something is not what makes it enjoyable. There were some wonderful examples of this in the recent BBC Children in Need special of ‘The Big Life Fix’ – including a couple of clever robots that…
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Top 4 Skills Children can Gain from Building Dens

  Here are our top 4 things that children can gain from den building: 1. Creativity and problem solving skills Building dens offers an amazing opportunity for children to be imaginative and creative. They can build any kind of den they want – it could be their own little house, where they can invite a friend to…
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Getting Active for Wimbledon

Wimbledon begins on  June 27th 2016 and it is the world’s oldest tennis tournament. As the only grand slam still played on a grass court, Wimbledon is one of the most widely anticipated competitions in world sport today. Whether you will be cheering on Great Britain’s Andy Murray or are keen to see the talents of Federer, Djokovic, Muguruza or…
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Why We Love To Build Dens! (And Why Kids Will Too!)

Here at Fundamentally HQ we love to build dens, and they have provided many memorable moments for us! In times gone by, den building was a common activity. Children would spend many hours outside, getting muddy and working with their friends or siblings to create an imaginative and secret place. In recent years children quite often miss…
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Rainy Day Holiday Ideas

With the rain washing out many people’s bank holidays, we have collected some quick and easy ways to keep the kids entertained inside.  Our rainy day holiday ideas are varied – it’s important to keep their play diet balanced even when it’s wet. Indoor toys Free play ideas for all ages Download a new ‘good…
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