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10 Keys For Happier Children

This week we have been thinking about the factors in family life that create happier children. Whether it’s perseverance, managing expectations or showing your children you are proud of them, here are our 10 key points for happier children 1. Be a happier parent. Not laugh-a-minute but genuinely content and fulfilled – give yourself time…
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Top 10 Tips On Improving Your Child’s Communication Skills

Communication skills are paramount for both adults and children but there is more to communication than just learning to talk. Listening, interpreting verbal and non-verbal signals, writing, drawing and increasingly email, text and twitter are all forms of communication. Whilst some children can communicate confidently from an early age, others find it difficult to make…
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Children And Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language has many benefits both socially and academically. Learning a second language can be very rewarding which is great for self-confidence, and also and enhances listening, reading and writing life skills. Children who learn a second language tend to have a better understanding of the world and of other cultures. They also have a…
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Top Tips: Child Language Development

Children develop language skills throughout their childhood. In their first 12 months, babies develop fundamental skills that are needed for speech and language development.  Language development supports a child’s ability to communicate, express and understand feelings but also aids thinking, problem solving, and enables children to develop and maintain relationships. Language acquisition happens in stages. …
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