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Why Playful Parenting is Beneficial to your Child’s Development

Dr Amanda Gummer’s new book Play offers a refreshing alternative to all the ‘How To’ books that parents are bombarded with. The great news is that having fun with your child really is the best way of helping him/her develop. Not only does playful parenting reduce stress, promote attachment and increase enjoyment of parenting, it’s…
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Amanda Gummer & Rachel Tomlinson

Dr Amanda Gummer Interviewing Rachel Tomlinson From Barrowford School

In an exclusive interview with Rachel Tomlinson from Barrowford school in Lancashire, Dr Amanda Gummer asked Rachel about Barrowford School’s approach to learning and was delighted to learn that they share many of Fundamentally Children’s values. You can hear the whole interview here.   listen to ‘Dr Amanda Gummer Talking with Barrowford Primary School’s Headteacher…
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New Year's Resolutions

Making New Year’s Resolutions Work

With the New Year just around the corner, it is worth looking at ways that parents can make the most of the fresh start and make family resolutions that everyone commits to, rather than just having individual goals that can make you feel isolated. Involve the kids and try to make the New Year’s resolutions…
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Toy Safety

Having seen the article on the dolls with cancer-causing chemicals, my mind went into over-drive – consumerism, pester power, unscrupulous unregulated suppliers – whose fault is it that children are being exposed to harmful chemicals and what should be done about it? As a mother, it horrifies me that children could be harmed by their…
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Tips On How To Manage Your Child’s Nightmares

What a NIGHTMARE! We use the term ‘Nightmare’ to describe a range of bad situations but a real nightmare can leave a child feeling angry, shameful, scared, anxious, or upset.  Whilst toddlers can take a long time to calm down because they believe the nightmare to be real, older children can learn to differentiate dreams from…
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GTG Play Day At John Lewis

This Saturday, the Good Toy Guide team will be working with the John Lewis toy experts to share their unique insight into children’s play, toys and development throughout the day. They’ll be helping customers choose Christmas presents for their children that aren’t five minute wonders and will also be able to give advice on which…
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Top 10 Tips On Improving Your Child’s Communication Skills

Communication skills are paramount for both adults and children but there is more to communication than just learning to talk. Listening, interpreting verbal and non-verbal signals, writing, drawing and increasingly email, text and twitter are all forms of communication. Whilst some children can communicate confidently from an early age, others find it difficult to make…
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Children And Foreign Languages

Learning a foreign language has many benefits both socially and academically. Learning a second language can be very rewarding which is great for self-confidence, and also and enhances listening, reading and writing life skills. Children who learn a second language tend to have a better understanding of the world and of other cultures. They also have a…
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