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Good Toy Guide's List of Top Scorers for 2015

Good Toy Guide’s Top Scoring Toys in 2015

This year we’ve seen the popularity of digital toys explode and as technology improves there are an increasing number of toys that offer amazing play experiences. They also allow children to explore educational topics with hands-on experimentation. Where traditional toys couldn’t give much output to children, we’re now seeing toys that can help guide children’s…
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Can a Digital Detox at School and at Home really be a good thing?

Is a Digital Detox at School the Right way to Go?

Did you hear the Radio 4 PM’s segment this week on growing up without the internet(also recently covered by the Guardian and the Telegraph)? The approach of banning all technology at school and home taken by the featured school actively terrifies me – let me explain why. I’m always one for giving parents choice and…
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educational toys and presents for kids

Educational Toys and Presents for Kids

Education is more than just about learning to read or write, but there’s no doubt that children who feel confident with their numbers and letters are more likely to engage fully in classes which will, in turn, help them learn more and become more confident – and so the virtuous circle continues. However, there are…
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Good Toy Guide's 2015 Play Day at John Lewis Cambridge

The Good Toy Guide’s Play Day at John Lewis

      This Wednesday, the Good Toy Guide team will be returning to John Lewis to share their unique insight into children’s play, toys and development throughout. This is the third time we have hosted a play day at John Lewis with our first 2 events going so well we were finalists in this year’s Progressive Preschool Awards…
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